IPnett Concept Operational Services
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IPnett is one of the leading integrators of Avaya technology in the Nordic region and has for many years been one of their preferred partners in the region. When you work with IPnett, you are granted innovative technology that has been successfully and widely tested and applied at global and market-leading companies.

Innovative technology

Here is what the VP and chief technologist of networking & SDN, Jean Turgeon, has to say about Avayas position in the market place:  “We want to let the world know about the innovative technology we have to offer, and we don’t want to be just perceived as the telephony company. We want customers to know Avaya is about solving real business issues, and that we are at the forefront of putting up a right and next generation networking architecture that is unique in the marketplace, ahead of any competitors to better support business agility and reliability.”

Attack mode

“We are on the attack mode right now. We are not playing defensive, our financials are very solid, so it’s time for us just to go out there and deliver…” Read the whole interview here: http://m.firstpost.com/business/next-24-months-nobody-can-compete-us-jean-turgeon-avaya-2080103.html