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PRESS RELEASE – August 19th 2014 –  IPnett has signed a framework contract with NORDUnet to build a world-class Community Cloud for the Nordic Research- and Educational sector. The agreement enables all universities in the Nordic Region to buy IT services through a Community Cloud hosted and delivered by IPnett.

The Community Cloud is the first of its kind

– This project will change the way universities can share and store information in the future, states Mikael Schütt, CEO IPnett Group. – The Community Cloud is the first of its kind in the Nordic Region, and has the potential to serve all Nordic research facilities from their own Private Cloud Network, he announces.

NORDUnet is a joint collaboration of research- and education networks in Denmark (DeIC), Finland (CSC / FUNET), Iceland (RHnet), Norway (UNINETT) and Sweden (SUNET).

Secure, private Community Cloud

– On this project, NORDUnet and IPnett has shared the same vision,” says Fredric Wallsten Director of Cloud Services at IPnett. – We enable researchers and others within higher education to unprecedented levels of collaboration by introducing new business models in how they can consume IT resources. Our on-demand offering reduces the need for them to invest in own equipment. Instead, they can buy capacity according to their current needs. Whenever additional capacity is needed, they can easily self-provision more.

The old way is to purchase a number of physical servers, perform own virtualization where needed and physically install and manage these on site. Now these servers will be available in the Cloud – a private and secure Cloud. The universities can easily set up private networks for different projects, share and store information. When a project ends, the university simply stop purchasing the service. The result is a highly flexible solution that is scalable to meet the customers’ needs at all times.

Data is stored locally

IPnett’s Datacenters will be directly connected to the local National Research and Education Network (NREN). By handling Virtual machines, storage, backup and archiving locally, NORDUnet and the local NREN’s can operate within National Standards on Data Storage and Privacy Guidelines. All data will be stored and managed in the country of origin, and will not leave the country’s border. The Community Cloud will be integrated with the universities federated authentication systems so that users will be able to consume and access the service in an easy manner.

Innovation together with World-Class Partners

– IPnett has offered a solution that meets our strict requirements on security and flexibility, based on open standards. We are very satisfied by IPnett’s ability to provide highly competitive solutions, says Jørgen Quist, Chief Network Operating Officer at NORDUnet. – NORDUnet is signing this agreement to the benefit for all our members, and it is up to each country to decide how they would like to capitalize on the solution, he explains.

The Cloud Computing platform is OpenStack together with Juniper Contrail Software Defined Networking (SDN). The solution is built on non-proprietary systems, and is empowered by technology from IPnett partners such as Juniper Networks, EMC, IBM, Redhat, Supermicro and the OpenStack community ecosystem at large.

– Innovations and new thinking has always been driving forces at Universities, and we are very proud to be awarded this opportunity to deliver just that, Wallsten concludes.

Press Contacts

CEO IPnett Group: Mikael Schütt, +46 73 093 50 70, E-mail: mikael.schutt@ipnett.com

Norway: Marius Brekke, Managing Director, +47 67 20 10 10, E-mail: marius.brekke@ipnett.com

Sweden & Denmark: Lars Glarborg, Managing Director, +45 40 30 37 00, E-mail: lars.glarborg@ipnett.com

Director Cloud Services: Fredric Wallsten, + 46 76 629 25 02, E-mail:  fredric.wallsten@ipnett.com

CEO, NORDUnet: Rene Buch, +45 32 46 25 00, E-mail: rene.buch@nordu.net

About NORDUnet

NORDUnet is the Nordic Infrastructure for Research & Education.

NORDUnet is a joint collaboration by the 5 Nordic National Research and Education Networks in Denmark (DeIC), Finland (Funet), Iceland (RHnet), Norway (Uninett) and Sweden (SUNET) and operates a world-class Nordic and International network and eInfrastructure service for the Nordic research and educational community. NORDUnet monitor international network research activities and development projects and coordinates Nordic involvement in these projects.

More information: www.nordu.net