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How can you protect your company if your IT systems are under attack? Over the last year, several companies have experienced severe DDoS attacks attempting to strike and damage core businesses. The attacks can result in full stop of daily business; which would lead to dramatic consequences for the companies affected. Many of these attacks could have been avoided by applying IPnett services using Arbor Networks technology.

Award-winning Technology against DDoS attacks

Arbor Networks is the market leader in preventing DDoS attacks with a market share of 70 percent! Arbor Network is repeatedly honored for innovative products by security industry’s Global Excellence Awards. Having close cooperation with Arbor Networks allows IPnett to provide our clients with the best technologies available.

What are DDoS attacks?

DDoS stands for Denial-of-Service and constitutes an attack to prevent normal traffic in a computer system or on a server. If the attack is coordinated from many computers simultaneously, it’s called a DDoS – Distributed Denial-of-Service. In layman’s terms we might call this an overload attempt or access denial attack.

Arbor Networks’ solution effectively prevents DDoS attacks using their Peakflow SP and TMS which is placed at the service provider end. Peakflow TMS continuously monitors and filters out unwanted traffic in the network. To prevent application attacks, Pravail APS is placed at the end user-side of the network. Through so-called cloud signaling, Pravail is able to report back to the service provider’s Peakflow if an attack is under way.

Our Top 5DDoS advice

  1. Understanding your normal data traffic makes it easier to discover abnormalities
  2. Prepare for quick and effective response: Establish good processes and methods
  3. Use layered filters
  4. Build a scalable and flexible infrastructure. Once your network is under attack, infrastructure is key!
  5. Take control of your applications and configurations

A valuable investment

A security solution from IPnett and Arbor Networks can be your best weapon to fight off potential damaging DDoS attack. It could very well turn out to be your best security investment this year! Please get in touch with us if you are interested in more information on this topic.