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Self Provisioning Solution

A self provisioning solution

  • An advanced network provisioning system
  • A solution designed for Service Providers and companies that need customer self-service solutions
  • Enables automatic service handelig based on custmers request

The road to increased earnings for multiple networks requires an underlying service aware architecture, where each individual customer and service is delivered with quality. A service aware architecture requires an intelligent, open and flexible network, where each subscriber can easily commission their own tailor-made range of services based on a palette of dozens of services. In other words, a service aware network greatly increases the potential earnings per subscriber while it results in more satisfied customers.

Next generation network

IPnett Metro Activate gives you a platform to deliver your next generation network with a self provisioning solution. IPnett Metro Activate can easily be integrated into your current network and provisioning system. IPnett Metro Activate offers a secure and flexible solution for network design with the possibility to achieve carrier class services

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