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A rock-steady secure internet connection

  • Keep your business alive if your service provider have trouble
  • Delivered with an internet availability of 100% measured 24/7/365
  • Includes monitoring of your network, and regular reporting

IPnett offers a highly redundant internet, based on multi-homing technology. IPnett Reliable Internet is a rock-steady internet connection solution based on a a dynamic routing protocol between the Internet and the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). With IPnett Reliable Internet you can share internet connections from different ISP’s into a dynamic, reliable and redundant internet service. This service will keep your business alive if your service provider should have trouble.

24/7/365 monitoring service and support

We offer IPnett Reliable Internet as a fully Secure Internet Connection service where we can offload your organization by performing operational tasks such as solution design, installation and integration or migration, software updates and upgrades, optimization, as well as training. The service comes with 24/7/365 monitoring service and support.

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