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Secure wireless access for your guests

  • Flexible, user-friendly and secure internet access
  • Users get a temporary password and username
  • Does not require any administration or maintenance once installed

IPnett SMS PASS makes it easy for your visiting customers to go online – without compromising your company’s security. It is easy to use; visitors simply send an SMS to get a temporary password and username. The internet access will expire after a set period.

Easy to use. Secure for your company.

This solution does not require any administration or maintenance once installed. The Internet access is automatically removed when the visitor leaves your premises.As all Internet use is logged via the temporary usernames, IPnett SMS PASS provides good traceability. The text message can be sent to/from an ordinary mobile number or via a 4 or 5-digit special number. This feature also allows the solution to be used as a service where the user buys Internet access via SMS.

If you are looking for a flexible, user-friendly and secure public wireless network access solution, IPnett SMS PASS is a great choice.

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